We decided to make the first stop on our return journey to South East Asia, Chiang Mai. Our initial thought was just to go back to Ubud, Bali and just stay there for 5-months. However, upon more thought, we decided to make a short trip to our other love, Chaing Mai. Not only to just be back here but also because right now it is rainy season in Bali, which can be quite unpredictable weather-wise.

Our flight from Houston was our longest to date. We had an 8.5-hour flight to Manchester, England, where we spent 2-hours go through the slowest security known to man, only to get right back on the plane. Note to future self, put the empty coffee mug in a checked bag, apparently coffee + MCT oil leave “chemical residues” which set off the explosive detectors. I won’t say much, but I’m pretty sick of the “security theater” at these airports. It is ineffective and unnecessarily hostile to travelers.

Our next segment was a 13-hour leg to Singapore. The interesting thing about these flights is that our son is getting to the point where he doesn’t sleep like he used to. This means that we’re getting to that point where we have to more actively entertain him on the plane. Luckily he was relatively good the whole time, minus a few screams into the ears of sleeping passengers as he was running up and down the aisles (sorry about that again…) We arrived in Singapore in pretty good spirits, though.

This was near the 24-hour point of our travels and we were actually fairly alert and awake. It was 7am Singapore time, aka 6pm CST, which we had left behind. We had nearly 8-hours to kill before our last leg to Chiang Mai and I’ll say this if you’re ever stuck in an airport, Singapore is the place to be.

Between the 3-terminals, they have nearly a complete mall, a couple dozen food options and all sorts of free entertainment options. There is a gym with a pool, a butterfly garden, and even free movies running big movies from the last 2-years.

For us, what was most impressive, though, is that there is a huge play structure in each of the terminals, which means we could just let Bear run around, climb, and play for a large part of the time there. What more can you ask for?

The time flew by pretty fast, but near the end, we were all getting pretty tired and were ready to take our last flight.

The leg to Chiang Mai was luckily only 3-hours, nothing compared to the other 2-flights. We landed after a few cat naps, flew through immigration, got our 1-million bags, and headed to our hotel for 2-nights.

While we didn’t do much that first night (other than sleep that is,) we hit the ground running the next day and found a great apartment for the next month. We’ve got a bathtub for Bear (this is huge for Chiang Mai,) a pool downstairs, and awesome windows with views of Doi Suthep (the mountain to the west of Chiang Mai.)

We’re excited for the next few weeks to get a little more immersed in the town here. It is a great opportunity for us to be on our own again for a while and will be a good urban warm up for our return to Ubud, which is far more rural, but amazing for its own reasons.

Our plans going forward are still a bit fuzzy, but for now, I’m just happy to be settled into a nice apartment and enjoying the amazing weather here. Seriously, it is in the mid-80s and sunny every single day.

You can’t ask for much more.

I’m a father, traveler, and web developer @Automattic. In the wee hours, I’m also working on new projects like 1 on 1 Questions.

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