Finding gratitude in difficult situations

Yesterday started out like just about any other day in Bali. You wake up, make some breakfast, make some coffee, chase the baby around, and then load up on the motorbike and decide where to go for the day. Unlike other days up till then, we decided to go a little further out and head […]

Our visit to the Elephant Nature Park outside of Chiang Mai

Just before leaving Chiang Mai, we finally did one of the things Lauren has been wanting to do for years, we went to see the elephants. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re imagining we went to one of those places where you get to ride elephants around and they paint for you. Where they […]

Motorbiking in Chiang Mail; Avoiding the Fuzz

I’ve learned very quickly that when riding a motorbike in Chiang Mai as an obvious tourist, you need to be careful of the local traffic police. Last week we decided it would be a good idea if we started to look at getting a motorbike for the rest of our time here. The main reason […]

You should start a travel agency

I met a (potentially) homeless ex-convict named David yesterday, as I exited my favorite Gumbo Bar on the Strand, in Galveston, Texas. When I had entered to eat lunch the sun had been shining and it was a balmy 55 degrees (Fahrenheit). As I exited, listening to a podcast on my iPad, massive headphones over my ears and rain pouring down outside,  I paused under the overhang to consider my options.