A little over 7-years ago I set out to reinvent myself. I weighed around 350 pounds, was a near shut-in, and was deeply unhappy. Near this lowest point of my life, I knew I had two choices. One was to continue drifting down and the other was to climb up.

So I climbed.

Over the last 7-years, my journey has taken several turns. First I lost some weight and got myself together. Then I moved to a new city, ran some marathons, and met a girl. We got married and had a kid. Now we’re traveling the world as a family.

I started this journey while blogging about it to friends and family. It was a way to stay accountable to the changes I was seeking to make. In the different phases of my journey, I moved to new blogs, leaving old ones behind. I changed the name many times. Each time as a way to add a mile marker to my journey. Here is where I was and here is where I’m going now. As if the different phases were somehow separate, as opposed to pieces of a greater whole.

So here I am, 7-years later, and I’m still reinventing myself. This is not a phase of my journey, it is the journey. One that will likely always persist in some way or another.

After looking at my many blogs and the writings they contained, I’ve made a decision. To finally combine them all together.

In retrospect, I should have never abandoned the blogs. I should have recognized that change is a constant and embraced the momentum of reinvention.

While my blogging started in weight loss, health, and fitness, it is now broader than that. It is my story. It contains many details, both good and bad. Yet, it is a story arc that should join together and continue.

So here I am today, back in Ubud, Bali. We’re coming to the end of our travels and I know there is so much more for me to learn. I know my journey will continue on long after traveling concludes and we settle back down in New York City.

From here, I’ll attempt to keep my journey more up to date. To keep it light and in the end, tell a more complete story.

I’ll add more tomorrow.

I’m a father, traveler, and web developer @Automattic. In the wee hours, I’m also working on new projects like 1 on 1 Questions.

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