How not to pack for a family of 3 heading on extended travel

When we began looking to our travel adventures this year, I became obsessed with the idea of minimalism. I was reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and looking at all the products that people used to save space. I dreamed of having a single 35-liter backpack that I could put whole life in. Small enough to […]

You should start a travel agency

I met a (potentially) homeless ex-convict named David yesterday, as I exited my favorite Gumbo Bar on the Strand, in Galveston, Texas. When I had entered to eat lunch the sun had been shining and it was a balmy 55 degrees (Fahrenheit). As I exited, listening to a podcast on my iPad, massive headphones over my ears and rain pouring down outside,  I paused under the overhang to consider my options.