On our way back to visit family for the holidays, we got to spend a week back in our home city, aka, New York City.

We were privileged to spend tons of time with some old friends and stayed with my the founders of my former company, who are seriously some of the best people I know and if I didn’t miss them enough already have given me a thousand new reasons to miss having them in my life.

While I did, as usual, spend most of the week in a coworking space finalizing a project I’ve been working on for many months, we did get to see a little of the city as well. There were so many people I wish we could have seen during our time there, but with an overfull work schedule, it just wasn’t possible.

What became immediately clear upon visiting is not only how much we miss living in New York, but how much work we still need to do to prepare ourselves for living there in the best way possible.

So for now, we’re in Texas, seeing family for a few weeks. We’re already plotting our escape next month and also planning a little better for our reintroduction into NYC next summer. Neither of us can wait to get there, but also don’t want to miss out on the journey and adventures to come.

I’m a father, traveler, and web developer @Automattic. In the wee hours, I’m also working on new projects like 1 on 1 Questions.

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